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[台北婚紗禮服] Fiona Lai

Fiona Lai 位於新北市永和區, 近台北捷運永安市場站
服務項目 婚紗禮服, 婚紗訂製,
TEL: +886-2-8921-3986
地址: 新北市永和區中和路519巷10號1樓
營業時間: 周一~周日 11:00~21:00, 周四休
官方網站: http://www.fiona-lai.com/
官方 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/taipei.lifu


我們是一家專業“婚紗禮服”廠商。集設計、縫製釘珠、銷售一身【我們只做銷售不做租賃業務】。我們純手工訂製:頂級新娘白紗、晚禮服、年輕歐式媽媽晚裝。款款高雅時尚簡約俐落大方,帶有些許藝術感的高貴氣質、及客製專屬的奢華感。超過200至300款全新設計款禮服樣品室【可試穿、可訂做】→ 位於台北永安市場捷運正前方 (地圖)。
Fiona Lai Wedding Dress Design Studio provides professional and experienced wedding gown design services; we offer a comprehensive pre-design consultation and dresses with hand-sewed beads and sequins déco per client’s request. All of our beautifully made dresses are custom-made, and are only for sale. Our designs include premium bridal gowns, evening dresses and European style mother evening dresses that make mothers look extra radiant and young. Whenever you choose to visit us, we have 200 to 300 elegant, modern and classic dresses at studio at all times for you to try on – you can of course order custom-made dresses base on these designs; these dresses are not only artistically beautiful and elegant, but also show an exclusively custom-made sense of luxury. Kindly visit our studio – right in front of Yung-An Market MRT station (Map), to experience our premium service


一、新娘白紗〈 Bridal Gowns〉

二、晚禮服〈Evening Dresses 〉
三、媽媽裝〈 Mothers Evening Dresses 〉
四、婚紗禮服〞純手工量身訂做〞〈Custom Designed Bridal Gowns 〉

We only provide the most exquisite and premium items:
1.Bridal Gowns
2.Evening Dresses
3.Mother Evening Dresses
4.Custom Designed Bridal Gowns

件件皆是國內頂尖“婚紗禮服”設計師群作品【共有七位婚紗禮服設計師、個個禮服資歷都超過二十年】。件件是選用國外進口高級蕾絲及面料在台純手工設計縫製,具有絕對稀有性。再再頂級、華麗、高雅婚紗禮服,我們設計師群都能為妳“純手工量身訂做 ”。我們重視新娘子所重視的所有細節,擁有一個童話般的夢幻婚禮是每個新娘子一輩子的夢想。我們將用心去設計縫製每一件嫁衣,讓每位新娘子都可以去圓她一生夢想。
Each of our beautifully made dresses are designed by the top bridal gown designers – all of our 7 designers are with more than 20 years of experience! Moreover, we only use the most premium imported laces and fabrics in our design, which further ensures its individuality and the sense for exclusiveness. Our designing team can help you to tailor make the most premium, elegant and gorgeous bridal gown; with our attention to details, we can realize your dream as the most beautiful bride in the fairy tale.

本公司大量作品 ,再次感謝榮獲今年度國內多家知名“新娘雜誌”大量選用刊登 , 及多家國內“婚紗影樓”名店櫥窗展示用。極優質廠商,絕對值得妳蒞臨鑑賞。月月有新款上市,美美照片不一定來得及上網。樣品室隨時備有最新款式超過200至300款,歡迎電話預約親自體會“美到不行”震撼感。請務必電話預約看樣【樣品室不一定隨時有工作人員在】。如果妳一定要在假日或深夜才能看樣,也請跟我們聯繫,我們可全力配合妳看樣的需求。
Again this year, we are very proud to say that several well-known bridal magazines have decided to use a large amount of our bridal designs; also, many of the local bridal shops have chosen our gowns in window display. Fiona Lai Wedding Dress Design Studio is the bridal gown vendor that you can trust; our affordable premium quality items are indeed worth your visit. With new styles launching every month, please do visit us in person, since all these beautiful gowns are not necessarily be shown online. We have 200 to 300 latest styles in our studio at all times, so please contact us to make an appointment to come over, and experience in person these too-beautiful-to-be-true gowns. Please do make appointments before your visit, since we might not be in the studio all the time. However, you are welcome to visit us in the evening or even in the weekends/sunday (with appointment), we will try to fit your schedule.

Fiona Lai 婚紗禮服設計

預約手機 (Cell-Phone): 0920-132-690 ; 0920-248-590 Miss Lai
預約電話 (TEL):(02) 8921-3986 傳真號碼(FAX):(02) 2924-0646
地 址(Address):23447新北市永和區中和路519巷10號1樓
(註備:由大馬路永和區中和路 533 號中庭直接進入更好找→台北永安市場捷運站正前方) (地圖) 。
電子郵件 (E-Mail):taipei.lifu@msa.hinet.net

Fiona Lai Wedding Dress Design Studio

Contact Information
Mobile: +886-920-132-690 / +886-920-248-590 (Ask for Miss Lai)
TEL: +886-2-8921-3986 Fax: +886-2-2924-0646
Address: 1F, NO. 10, Lane 519, Chung-Ho Road, Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 23447 ─ 【Our showroom is located on first floor – across from Taipei Yong-An Market / Subway Station MRT】(Map)
* You can simply enter the lobby hall at No. 533 Chung –Ho Road, which is easier to locate us.
E-mail: taipei.lifu@msa.hinet.net

設計總監:Fiona Lai﹝賴惠蘭﹞
Designer Director: Fiona Lai﹝賴惠蘭﹞
Year of Birth: 1963
Experience: 20 years in Bridal gown design

We can offer you the following custom & hand made gowns design services, with our attention to details:

We are getting married!!! For a bride, the most important moment in her life is her wedding day. Wearing her favorite gown and marrying her most beloved man, is the beginning of her dreams. The beautiful bride will be the focus point for everyone in the wedding ceremony and banquet. All the guests and in-laws will be also expecting to see her walking down the aisle elegantly wearing a beautiful gown. Therefore, on my big day, I as the bride, demand high standard/quality for my bridal gown, including the design, fabric and all the details … Moreover, there will be no room for compromise!

如果妳有以下的情況或想法,請來Fiona Lai製作自己喜歡客製專屬婚紗吧!
If you have encountered the following scenarios, or have the following ideas, why not let us design and tailor-make your favorite customized bridal gowns for you?

1. You would like to have your own custom-made bridal gown, and get highly involved with all the details in wedding planning, for example, hire photographer and makeup artist for outdoor photo shoots, instead of paying big bucks to the common wedding gown and photo company to take traditional wedding photos (a lot of couples are now looking into new ways to get their photos done!). If this is the case, why not come to our studio, and get your favorite custom-made dress?

2. You would like to have your own brand-new custom-made bridal gown that no one has worn before, as the witness for your sacred wedding and also as the symbol for your pure love (this is the same as the traditional western wedding concept). If this is the case, why not come to our studio, and get your own favorite custom-made dress?

3. If you decided to get your wedding photos taken by the traditional wedding photography company, but could not find a dress that you really like. Instead of paying to rent one, why not buy a brand new tailor-made dress? Especially when the cost is almost the same and the later choice allows you to own it! If this is the case, why not come to our studio, and get your own favorite custom-made dress?

4. If you need to have your own exclusive custom-made bridal gown to go abroad to get married, then why not come to our studio, and get your own favorite custom-made dress? You will be able to have the dress with highest quality, and also enjoy the best service and efficiency. Moreover, the budget will be much lower than getting it made in other countries, and lead/production time is also a lot shorter!

5. If you need to have your own high-end custom-made bridal gown to have a romantic wedding abroad, such as Guam, Bali, Okinawa and Hokaaido (it is the latest trend to have the wedding ceremony and banquet abroad in recent years), then why not come to our studio, and get your own favorite custom-made dress?

6. If you are not from Taiwan, and have to prepare your own exclusive custom-made bridal gown to get married in your country, then why not come to our studio, and get your own favorite custom-made dress? You will be able to have the dress with highest quality by our top Taiwanese designers, and also enjoy the best service and efficiency – we are proud of our quality and short lead time with a much lower price. You will also then understand why some people called Taiwan as the Bridal Gown Kingdom!

7. If you are Christian or have other religious custom to follow that requires you to wear brand new bridal gown that is exclusive to you, as the witness for your sacred wedding and also as the symbol for your pure love, then why not come to our studio, and get your own favorite custom-made dress?

8. If you don’t think that you have standard figure, for example, you are too thin, the arms are thin enough or other reasons, then why not come to our studio, and get your own favorite custom-made dress? We will tailor-make and design your dress in a way that embellish whatever you don’t want to show. In this way, you can still be the most stunning and beautiful bride on your big day.

9. If you like those luxurious gowns that movie stars and celebrities wear, but then withdraw this idea after seeing the price tag, why not come to our studio, and make a custom-made duplicate bridal gown? The quality and details of our 100% handmade duplicate dress is the same, or even better than the original design. Now you can wear the luxurious bridal gown that celebrities wear, with total cost being 90% or 80% less than the original one! Moreover, this is made only for you!

10. If you have a lot of bridesmaids and you want them to “enhance” your beauty, just like stars to the moon, then why not come to our studio, and design your own unique bridesmaid dress?

11. If you have any other requests or thoughts, then why not come to our studio, and get your own favorite custom-made dress? We will try our very best to fit your needs, and your satisfactory is our priority. Preparing and making your own exclusive bridal gown is not difficult at all, as long as you find the right vendor/designer!

We are getting married!!! As the mother of the bride or groom, what should I wear? No worries! We also provide many stylish, young, and European style Mother’s evening dresses. There are at least 60 ready-to-wear evening gowns for you to try on, and of course, you are more than welcome to tailor-make your own! Our service provides many choices for you, and you will be able to look even younger and stylish. So, why not come to our studio, and make your own customized evening gown?

If you have to go on stage for recognition, receiving awards, or performance, then why not come to our studio to make your own favorite performance gowns? Fiona Lai Wedding Dress Design Studio can also help you to design and tailor-make all kinds of performance clothing.

[台北婚紗禮服] Fiona Lai Google Map
地址: 新北市永和區中和路519巷10號1樓


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